Magento Price Rules

Magento is a e-commerce platform. So, in day to day there is lot of promotions and discounts in e-commerce sites. Magento also have a mechanism to handle coupon code, discount and promotions. Here in magento we use price rules for these purposes. There are two types of rules in magento: Catalog price rules and Shopping cart price rules. Main difference between these rules are catalog rule is applied to product before adding them to cart while shopping cart rules are applied to product after they are added to cart.

Catalog price rule : To create this rule, go to Promotions -> Catalog Price Rules and select Add New Rule


Here there are various fields and use of this rule:

– Name of the rule

– Description that would be shown

– Check whether the rule is active or not

– Websites in whichi the rule would be applied

– Customer groups who are eligible for this rule

– From and To date in which the rule would be active

– Priority of the rule set

– Conditions : These are important how we want to set the rules. Following are the description


This would apply when all the condition are true. We can use “one” or “none” of these condition to be “true” or “false”

Here condition would apply for the the category is 9 having SKU as wpd005c


The Apply dropdown allows you to decide whether the discount is a percentage or a fixed amount, and whether the discount amount will be subtracted from the original price (By) or whether the discount amount will be the actual final price (To). For this case select select By Percentage of the original price and we then enter our value, 45. This will give a final price that is a 45% reduction of the original price. To select To Percentage of the original price would give a final price that is equal to 55% of the original price (an 45% reduction).

The last thing to do is decide whether we want to stop other rules from taking effect on the products we have selected. In this case we have selected No.

The priority was entered on the first image. This is what decides which rules are applied first.

Then just save and apply. We are ready with the catalog price rule which is applied on the product before they are added to cart. We would discuss on the shopping cart price rule on the continuation of this article. Enjoy.