Regain Speed of your MAC

Even if you are a mac user you will slowly realize sometime your mac is slowing down. This may lead to your system hang sometime. But its not the time to blame the operating system (OS).

One real limitation is its hardware. If you system has a single core processor, it can never provide you a performance of quad core processor. If you have 1 GB RAM, it can never give you performance of a 4 GB of RAM etc..

It is you who can keep your home clean and maintained to keep everything running smoothly.

There are many apps which help you to regain performance. But I will tell some basic non-app solutions.

Close your application properly:
(command + q)
Remember closing application window don’t close the application. If you close even your last window, the application is still running. Mainly Windows user has been seen to do this mistake (I also did the same mistake). Close your application properly.

Delete apps while you don’t use:
Go to “/Application” directory (click Application from finder window) Remove all the apps which you don’t use by moving it to trash. Unlike Windows, moving apps into trash = uninstalling the app.

Delete Files from Download directory which is not needed:
Download directory used to keep increasing with files. Remove unnecessary files.

Empty your Trash:
Unlike Windows or Ubuntu there are NO (shift + delete) option. So keep remember to periodically clean your trash.

Compress all the old and backup files:
Select all the backup files and folders, right click on it, click on “Compress .. items”.

Clean up system logs and temporary files:
Go to terminal.
Type “ sudo periodic daily weekly monthly ”, type sudo password. Done.

Clean up Junk files and invalid registry entries:
Go to terminal
Type “ sudo tmutil disablelocal

Remove iOS old backups:
Go to your mobile sync backup directory. Locate older backups and delete those.
cd /Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup
sudo rm -rf [directory name]

Above few points are for maintaining to bring a smile on your face. 🙂




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